Some of the people that inspire me and keeps me going:
keeps me on my toes.. 
Beautiful person/Artist and has one of the most Magical Boutiques I have seen..
Keeps me on my legs, but off my feet..sometimes.....
Because Help doesn't have to cost much..
Thank You..


Johnny Eliason (My Teacher)

Roland Price (My Teacher and Coach)

Hans Obermueller (Thank You)

Chris McLean (My Physio - Marylebone Physiotherapy & Sports medicine) 

Milena Regis (Pilates) 

Patrick Rump (Sports Science)

Peter Diggins (Manager)

Sorella Englund 

Natasha Makarova

Angela  (My Guardian A.)

BRB and RBS (Thank you for opening up your doors to me when most needed,..and others were closed!)

My Family and Friends 

My Dance Partners

and thank YOU... :)