10th of May 2013

Dear All,

If you happen to be in London, do come see the Hospices of Hope, Charity Gala at the Sadler's Wells Theatre, on the 12th of May, 2013.

I am looking very much forward to being back on stage, and I think we have an amazing line up of artists to make this evening exciting.

Yours Alina


1st of April  2013

Dear all,
Hope you are well, and have had a good start to the new year.
Thank you for all your messages and for visiting my webpage.

I would like to write to you about a wonderful organisation ,  who's work brings much needed support, dedication and care, to terminally ill adults and children, at the end of their journey in life. 

In 2008 some wonderful and generous artists ,as well as the Manning Camerata Chamber Orchestra, joined me for an evening of dance, to raise money for a new Hospice, that was planned to be build in Bucharest. 

Now 5 years later the Hospice is near its completion and we are preparing for you an other evening to help this final stage of the project. 

This  evening will take place at Sadler's Wells on the 12th of May at 18.00 pm. 
If you happen to be in London, do come join us.

Again hope this message finds you well. I have had a good and inspiring time on and off stage.

Yours Alina 


26th of December 2012

Dear All,
Being busy is quite a bad excuse for not writing a message to you all, for so long, But.. it is the truth!
First of all I would like to wish you all, a magical time this christmas, and may the new year be full of wonderful adventures, joy and happiness. 

I always check my site, and do read your comments, and they mean the world to me. 

I have updated part of my schedule, but there is a lot more to come.

wishing you all the best for the new year.  


16th of October 2010

Dear All,
It has been a long time since I last time wrote to youTimes have been quite busy for meThank you for your patience.

Have had most amazing experience dancing Tatiana again this beginning of our season

Sadly due to an unfortunate incident I hurt my foot and now I have to take some time off resting

It is terrible how these things happen, sometimes it only takes a fraction of a second, one moment, one impact to cause an injury. Luckily this is not too serious an injury.

I am in good hands and hopeful for a good recovery with out any complications,just some time to rest.

I will not be dancing as planned in my last show of Onegin,which I was very much looking forward to, as well as Theme and Variations. I will not be able to join Hong kong ballet for their Sleeping Beauty production.

I am very sad to let you all down, but as always I will do my best to be back safe and soon

1st of February 2010

Happy new year everyone! Just a short note to let you know that my February performance of A Midsummer Nights Dream with the Royal Danish Ballet, has changed date. It is now the 26th, NOT the 27th.

31st of December 2009

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year.  I have had a great and exciting year. Thank you all for your messages, they always make me happy, and it means so much to me to know that you enjoy this beautiful art as much as I do. That you are out there and appreciate what I do. Thank you!

As I know some of you have been worried for my health, with the tour casting coming out,  but I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that I could not be happier with how I am and though I was thrilled and looking forward to add Mayerling back into my repertoire, I will, due to reasons unclear to me, have to wait for the next opportunity for this ballet to come my way and to perform it! 

There are many new and exciting projects and ballets, that I look forward to learn and perform in the near future and as soon as they are official I will put them on the site. I have already updated some new dates and looking forward to soon share with you some more new pictures.

Wishing you all the best for 2010

2nd of November 2009

Dear All,

A new season had started,  yet the memories of a great summer are still quite fresh! 

Thank you all for your beautiful  messages!  I've enjoyed very much my trips and performances in Boston and  Dortmund, meeting new people and seeing great dancers.  But ofcourse it was most exciting to get back on my home stage in the Sleeping Beauty, with my Prince  !

I would like to let you all know that i will not be performing this weeks show of Sphinx, but I am keeping very busy working on Beauty, Sphinx and Nutcracker. 

26th of April 2009

What an amazing feeling it is to be back. Its been a long hard journey. Wednesday night was like a dream, and it wasn't until the end of the show, when I looked up into Johan's eyes, that I realised I was not dreaming. I was living a dream. I have been up and I have been down, but now I am ready to continue and build on what I have always wanted to do. 

Could not have come back though without my family, my surgent, teachers, physio, pilates instructor.

Thank You for all your Messages / Letters / Flowers... (Ryma/Jennie)!!! ;)  

I will try (while on stage) to give back what you have all given me these days. 

I am so exited about the future, the moments to come...

21st of March 2009

Welcome to my Website. I hope you will enjoy it... 

This is just a short note (for now) from me, to tell you that I am looking so much forward to share with you all,on stage, my experiences this past year, ....but most of all, I am looking forward to just be back on stage again! 

x Alina